Noelia Blas Guillén

Born 1995 in Madrid, Spain
Noelia went to the Instituto Vicente Aleixandre when she wrote this paper.

"The heritage of the Guerricabeitia brothers and the instruments of historical remembrance in the Old and the New World" (2015)

"It all really started in a History class, two years ago", says Noelia. Her teacher wanted them to get involved in a project about the democratic transition in Spain from the Civil War (1936 - 39) until the present. Since Noelia had always loved to listen to the stories her grandparents had told her, it was only natural for her to interview them for this project. Her grandmother had just been born at the beginning of the war, her grandfather was 9 years old at the time. Both told her what they remembered about the times of war and the hard times of the post-war era. Because of those many hours of talking to her grandparents, Noelia came to understand how events that marked her grandparents' past explained their attitude to life.

Click here to read an abstract of her paper (PDF)

For her project, Noelia won the third prize in the Spanish national history competition in 2012. The topic was "My Family in History".


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